Allison has been practicing Physiotherapy for 25 years.  She has 12 years’ experience within an Aged Care Facility.  She has strong values in caring for the aged care person and their welfare to ensure they are able to function at home at the highest and safest level possible.  Allison has significant experience with clients with Dementia.

Additionally, she has worked in General Hospitals.  Her specialty area was orthopaedic surgery, specifically, joint replacements and post-surgery recovery.  She spent 4 years in Private Practice working alongside an experienced physiotherapist developing her musculo-skeletal skills in managing neck and back pain.  Allison spent 3 years with Orthopaedic Surgeons completing a research paper for the outcome of knee replacements and chronic low back pain.

Allison has a Post-graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and has an interest in horse riders who are returning to the sport or recovering from injury.

Allison lives locally in Oakford and enjoys looking after her property with her husband. She has 2 teenage children.  Her daughter competes in Eventing and her son is a keen Kick Boxer.  Allison is a member of the Kelmscott Adult Riders Club.


Opening Hours (by appointment only)

Monday 9am-2pm
Wednesday 5pm-7pm
Friday 9am-2pm
Saturday by appointment only

Fee Schedule

Private Health Fund Rebates apply for Physiotherapy Services. Please check with your Health Insurance Fund your allowances and refunds.


60 minutes –  Initial Assessment Consultation $85.00
30 minutes – Subsequent Review Consultation $75.00
60 minutes – Extended/Long Subsequent Consult $85.00
60 minutes – Pensioner/Full-Time Student $70.00
(pension/health card to be shown at initial visit)
Taping/Strapping Only Consult $20.00


REMEDIAL MASSAGE (By Physiotherapist)

30 minutes $55.00
1 hour $85.00